Planter 2010 Celebration
in Nova Scotia

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250th Anniversary

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Index of biographies
of people prominent
in Nova Scotia history
in the mid-1700s

Jonathan Belcher (1710-1776)
Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

Edward Boscawen (1711-1761)
Royal Navy officer

Richard Bulkeley (1717-1800)
Provincial secretary, councillor, brigadier-general of the provincial militia

Silvanus Cobb (1710-1762)
mariner, military officer

Bruin R. Comingo (1723-1820)
wool-comber, fisherman, German Reformed minister

Robert Denison (1697-1765)
soldier, settler, MLA

J.F.W. DesBarres (1721-1824)
army officer, military engineer, surveyor, colonizer, and colonial administrator

Charles Lawrence (1709-1760)
Governor of Nova Scotia

Charles Morris (1711-1781)
army officer, surveyor, judge

Silas T. Rand (1810-1889)
Baptist clergyman, missionary, philologist, and ethnologist

Patrick Sutherland (fl.1746-1766)
military officer

This is a work in progress.
Additional entries are in preparation.


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Index of biographies of Planters
prominent in Nova Scotia history


Index of biographies of Planters prominent in Nova Scotia history

More Historic Biographies*

And more Historic Biographies*

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