Planter 2010 Celebration
in Nova Scotia

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250th Anniversary

New England Planters
Land Grants in Nova Scotia

1757       1758       1759

Home Governor’s
1757  ’58  ’59

Proclamation by Governor Lawrence
1757 January 3     General Assembly

Proclamation by Governor Lawrence
1758 October 12     Land Available for Settlers
Boston Gazette, 1758 November 6
Boston Evening Post, 1758 November 6
Pennsylvania Gazette, 1758 November 16
Saint John Daily Sun, 1892 July 19

Proclamation by Governor Lawrence
1759 January 11     Land Grant Policy


His Majesty’s confirmation
of the plan for settling the
Province of Nova-Scotia

At the Court of St. James’s, the 16th day of February, 1760,

(Seal) (Present)
The King’s Most Excellent Majesty
Lord Keeper Earl Gower
Lord President Viscount Barrington
Lord Steward Lord Deleware
Earl of Hyndford    Mr. Vice Chamberlain

Whereas there was this day read to the Board, a representation from the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, dated the 30th of December last, containing an account of the proceedings of the Governor in Council of Nova-Scotia, with regard to the settling of the lands evacuated by the removal of the French inhabitants from that Province, as well as other tracts of land in the wild and uncleared part of that country, and also with regard to the terms and conditions upon which the said Governor and Council have agreed to make grants of the said lands: and the said Lords Commissioners being of opinion, that the plan so laid down by the said Governor and Council, will be a means of the speedy settling the vacant lands in that Province, and therefore proper to receive His Majesty’s approbation : His Majesty has this day took the said representation into consideration, and is hereby pleased, with the advice of his Privy Council, to declare his royal approbation of the said plan of the said Governor and Council, for the speedy settling the vacant lands in that Province: and also of the terms and conditions agreed upon for that purpose, and doth therefore order that the Governor or Commander-in-Chief of his Province of Nova-Scotia for the time being, do carry the same into execution. Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play slot pharao. Increased odds for winning!
(Signed) W. SHARPE.

—Source:  First History of New Brunswick (book) by Peter Fisher, originally published 1825, reprinted 1921, made available online by Project Gutenberg

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